Education Credential Assessment Services

Education Credential Assessment (ECA) is one of the first steps when planning to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency application. It is imperative to understand how critical ECA is in current scenario. ECA takes about 2 to 3 months depending on ECA body. Currently there are five ECA bodies that are designated by IRCC (Canadian Immigration). One can get their ECA report generated from any of these five bodies and IRCC will accept it. IRCC does not prefer one over another. Clients can opt for multiple bodies depending upon their profile.

We highly recommend our clients to initiate their ECA upfront and that means even before their IELTS preparation since ECA takes two to three month and same time can be utilized for IELTS thereby saving your precious time. ECA is compulsory in order to apply for PR as well as majority PNP programs except for Quebec and PEI. ECA charges vary from body to body and time to time. WES (World Education Services) charges $285 including International Courier charges (as of December 25th 2018).

It is also very important to understand which body to prefer since all bodies have different criteria for assessment of education done internationally. For example WES might not recognize MBA as masters where other body might. In order to understand which body you should prefer we have launched ECA Services.

ECA Services (available Online as well) by Cosmo Overseas ensures that your education credentials are assessed through the most suitable body for your education profile. We do not charge hefty fees for assessment and ensure that every aspect including that of PNP and Licensure is taken into consideration when selecting your ECA body. Our Experts make sure your very first step is in the right direction since that is going to make all the difference.

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